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In December of 1988, the newest and most outlandish creation to come out of Italy was unveiled to the press in a lavish coming out party that took place in Los Angeles, California. Just before the Los Angeles International Auto Show, Claudio Zampolli and Academy Award Winning Composer Giorgio Moroder unveiled to the world the first 16-cylinder sports car. Yes, 16 cylinders! Long before Volkswagon showed a version of a W16 motor to the world. Long before Bugatti hit the streets with the Veyron, the Cizeta-Moroder V16T would be the world’s first 16 cylinder sports car.

Gracing the covers of magazines the world over, garnering attention because of the people behind it, the Cizeta-Moroder was well received by anyone who glimpsed it. The car stopped anyone in their tracks, and never failed to grab the headlines in the automotive press world.


Unfortunately the Cizeta-Moroder partnership ended, and the car would never be known by that label again.   It would simply be known as the Cizeta V16T. Production would commence years after the prototype was unveiled, and cease less than four years later, with only a handful of cars delivered.


While Cizeta is not dead, it is only alive to someone willing to write a substantial six-figure  check to obtain a car. And, although the car was designed for the U.S. market, not a single car was ever ordered or delivered to a U.S. customer.


This book will chronicle the birth, rise, and fall of Cizeta Automobili. How Claudio came up with the crazy idea, and some of the crazy things he did to get the car off the drawing board and into a running prototype. Giorgio’s involvement and ultimate departure from the company. And, a pictorial guide of all ten (10) cars that have been built.

 A pictorial history that covers everything including:

  • The concepts for the car
  • Logo designs and iterations
  • Who was originally supposed to be the financial backer for the car (famous actor)
  • The test mule that started an urban legend that continues to this day, all surrounding the Ferrari 308
  • The first prototype, and the differences and changes made between prototype and production cars
  • The Hollywood unveiling of the car
  • The factory and building process
  • A sampling of automotive magazine articles written about the Cizeta
  • A pictorial guide to all ten cars that were built
  • Photos of the Cizeta at various car shows
  • An in depth look at the only Cizeta V16T Fenice Spyder built
  • A guide to collectible items produced for the Cizeta enthusiast
  • A look at where the company is today

Estimated at over 200 pages and over 250 photos, covering every car ever built.

In addition to the book, a DVD video will be included that contains:

  • The Hollywood unveiling ceremony in December 1988
  • A music video shot in 2005 of one of the cars
  • A video of the Cizeta V16T Fenice Spyder and the audio capturing session for a famous video game
  • A video slideshow of all the cars in the book set to the music that was written for the Cizeta unveiling

The DVD will be included only with the initial printing of the Ultimate Edition book.

This book will be a limited edition one time pressing, and is currently slated to be produced in very limited numbers.

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